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OFAF’s Mission is to “Repair History”.


Rubens, Liebermann, Picasso, Monet, Nolde …

What if you were to learn that evidence in the form of photographs of original artworks that were supposedly destroyed, confiscated, corrupted, burnt or simply hidden away, still exists? What if you were to also learn that maybe, just maybe, some well-known artworks currently exhibited may be of questionable authenticity.

Are a few curators possibly aware of this? To whom does this art really belong?

Has the world been looking in the wrong direction?

Whatever happened to the old masters!

A number of these cultural treasures were photographed for posterity by a specially commissioned photographer. We cannot release any names or personal information about this photographer or his family; however, after many successful interviews and extensive research we can safely say that,


We know exactly where to start the hunt!

With verified proof, we will
pursue the works of the masters.


OFAF is more than just a project, it is a dynamic team of art experts, investigators, historians, researchers, fraud specialists, writers, reporters, film professionals and enforcers of law & order who are dedicated and committed to an unprecedented undertaking, which can be expressed in two words:  

REPAIRING HISTORY” - restoring these valuable heirlooms (masterpieces) to those subject to organized looting during World War II.

The founders determined that they could not undertake a project of this size by themselves, so



From 1938 until 1945, and even thereafter, the Nazi regime and others confiscated and looted thousands of fine art pieces by esteemed artists from homes of the innocents, museums and galleries throughout Europe.

These works were supposedly destroyed, confiscated, corrupted or simply hidden away by Nazi officials, agents working on behalf of the Nazis, and private collectors, included were masterpieces done by Monet, Gauguin, Rubens, Picasso and Nolde.

Now, many years after World War II, some of these priceless heirlooms are still missing. Included with the works of the masters were also the works of hundreds of lesser known artists, people who expressed in their work a love for this world, their families, and their ethnic communities, artists like Paul Padua, Vernét, Desiree Thomassin, Lesser Ury, Heinrich Bürkel and Walter Geffecken. The fruits of their labor were never to be seen in public again. 

The founding members of OFAF received evidence that certain seized paintings were not all damaged or destroyed, as originally believed. A historically exclusive collection of documentation has been released after decades of obscurity in storage.

These existing verified proofs may be the ONLY TRUE
in existence today,
and OFAF is exposing these treasures to the public for the VERY FIRST TIME.



We are committed and dedicated to our mission, which is to REPAIR HISTORY – by tracking the path of these lost masterpieces in order to restore them to their rightful owners from whom they were confiscated. This includes families, museums, and perhaps even galleries.

That’s when we expect sparks to fly!

We understand that this undertaking, our journey to find and recover rare artworks concealed by time, history, and even criminal deception, is challenging, 

but it is a worthy endeavor, one which we have a responsibility to the world to advance.

The OFAF network, along with our own priority sources, and an ability to search international databases will also interview art curators, international experts in restitution regulation, agents who worked on behalf of the Nazi regime and World War II buffs.



Delegate Producer / Co. Partner


Close Protection Officer (CPO)

Second Camera

Close Protection Officer (CPO)

We will reveal truths
that will change history.


OFAF is proud to have supported the 19th Annual Spirit of Anne Frank Awards 2015 alongside Harry Ettlinger, the last surviving Monuments Man, and Robert Edsel, co-producer of the Emmy nominated film The Rape Of Europa and the author of the Monuments Men book. 



Exclusive Evidence of the Lost Masterpieces

Illustration OFAF book


Via our newsletter you will be informed about the book release.



Portrait Alfonso Colasuonno

Alfonso Colasuonno

…is a journalist and ghostwriter, as well as a lifelong activist who worked extensively in drug policy reform, environmental activism and social justice. (more…)


Portrait Howard Kudler

Howard Kudler

…is a researcher and speechwriter for several political campaigns across decades. He has a master’s degree in government, politics and international law and regulations. He has led investigation teams for Wall Street stock and commodity research firms both domestically and internationally. (more…)


Portrait Zubair Simonson

Zubair Simonson a writer and editor of journalism, novels, screenplays and webisodes. He studied political science. He is a true and keen appreciator of art. (more…)


Could our team of keen investigators come face to face with government oficials?


The nature of our work is sensitive and emotional. As a result, confidentiality is an important part of the process, not only to protect the families involved, but also to locate and secure the artworks to prevent further theft, vandalism, or harm.

Contributors, staff members, and all others involved in this research and restoration project are required to execute non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. This provides a layer of protection for everyone involved to insure we accomplish our mission while maintaining absolute privacy.

Discretion is important to us. We will take reasonable steps to protect the security and integrity of all personal information provided to us about particular families, companies, and individuals. This information will not be shared by us without their (the family, company or individual) expressed written permission.



In addition to the research conducted, the public data received during our investigations is used by our staff for analysis, and to lay the groundwork in order to accomplish our mission.

The owners, directors, and contributors at OFAF are all experienced and skilled service providers.

Once we have successfully tracked or located and returned these lost works of art to their legitimate owners, we will have succeeded in our mission to REPAIR HISTORY not only for ourselves, but for the families involved and for posterity.


The Hunt is on!

We cannot undo the past, but we can attempt to restore dignity and heritage to those whom are affected.

“I compliment you, the OFAF Team.
You are doing a great job for our heritage and culture…”,

…says Monuments Man (MFAA) Harry Ettlinger.


OFAF strives to make our recoveries and research accessible to the widest possible audience, therefore your support is vital. Your participation will allow the OFAF team to carry out our exceptional mission to the fullest capacity.

We thank you for your generous support in our efforts to REPAIR HISTORY. It is truly appreciated.


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