Portrait Ike

After graduating from University, Ike joined the German Airforce in 1967 to become a Fighter Pilot trained on Lockheed F-104G and TF-104G (Starfighter) based in Jever, WASLW 10 and Wittmund, Squadron Richthofen. He left in 1970 as Captain.


Ike started his film career in Los Angeles at the Department of Motion Pictures, Television and Radio, after graduating with a degree in MFA from UCLA, in 1974. During that time he was assistant director for “Spiel ohne Grenzen” aka “Games without frontiers”, and in 1972 he was chosen to be one of the head of departments for the Munich OLYMPIC GAMES, where he was responsible for the TV, Radio and Film booking office. Back in Los Angeles, Ike worked as the personal assistant of Sandy Howard of ARFC -American Repertory Film Company, as he continued to be Production Manager and Line Producer for several German and International films shot in Europe, Asia and Africa.


In 1980 he produced his first own feature film “Kalt wie Eis” aka “Strike back”, directed by Carl Schenkel, winning the prestigious Max Ophüls award. He then worked for TNF -Tele Norm Film GmbH as the production manager for TV-Series including; "MORENGA", shot in South West Africa, directed by Egon Günther. Again, winning yet another award and box office for the German film “ABWÄRTS", Ike lined "KIR ROYAL”, the most successful TV series in Germany this was directed by Helmut Dietl. In 1988 Ike founded TELEWORLD GmbH where he and his team developed several featured films, TV movies and TV series as well the soccer show "GO for GOAL" which a great success internationally as well. In 1991 he became shareholder of Sandy Howard`s ARFC American Repertory Film Company and produced 14 international featured films between 1991 and 2003. In 1995 he decided to develop family orientated and value driven featured films. In 1996 he produced "Ms BEAR”, which was very successful and won the UNICEF Special Children Award. This was followed by a series of four family (animal) films. Parallel to these family films he co-produced "SAVIOR", an antiwar movie, directed by Peter Antonijevic, and starring Dennis Quaid, Nastasia Kinski, Stellan Skarsgard etc.


In 2004 to 2012, together with Silvio Muraglia he founded and managed Keystone Media AG, a Media Investment Company paving the way to new distribution and financing tools.


Now Ike is back to his roots: making films and documentary series.



[Production Manager, Producer, Line- & Executive Producer]

“A Man Called Horse”, “Angel”, “Hollywood Vice Squad”, “Dark Tower”, ”Boys Next Door”, “The Neptune Factor”, “Island of Dr. Moreau”, “Kalt wie Eis”, “Five Card Stud”, ”Grete Minde”, ”Hitler, ein deutscher Film”, “Twist”, “Elephant Man”, “Lightship”, “Parsifal - die Oper”, “Marianne & Sophie”, “The Bridge”, “Morenga”, “The Next Man”, “Berlin Verdict”, “Meteor”, ”Masters of the Universe”, “Dark Angel”, “Ghandi”, “A Moon like a Knife”, “Unicorn”, “The Witch”, “History of SS”, “Cold as Ice”, “Abwärts”, “Terminus End of the Line”, “The Name of the Rose”, ”The Train”, “Ms Bear”, “Savior”, “Hard Cash”, etc.


[Production Manager, Producer, Line-, Associate-, & Executive Producer]

“Tatort” (SDR, TV-Series, 1 episode), Olypmpic Games 1972 München (Direktor Booking Office, DOZ), “Derrick” (ZDF, TV-Serie, 6 episodes), “Der Alte” (ZDF, TV-Serie, 6 episodes) “Timm Thaler” (ZDF, TV-Series 13 x 45’) “Zeit zum Aufstehen” (WDR, TV Mini Series, 4 x 100’) “Oskar & Felix” (ZDF, TV-Series, 13 x 45’) “Motocross” (ZDF, TV Movie 90 ́), “Der Junge mit dem Jeep” (ZDF, TV Movie 90’), “Wie würden Sie entscheiden” (ZDF, TV-Series 36 x 60’), “Xaver Brunnmayer” (BR, TV-Series 13 x 45’), “Hanna von Acht bis Acht” (WDR, TV Movie 100’), “Kir Royal” (WDR, 6 x 60’), “Morenga“ (WDR, 4 x 100’), “Hafen-Detektiv” (WWF TV- Series 26 x 30’), “Mission Control” (ABC TV Movie 90’), “GO FOR GOAL” (International TV- Sport-Action-Show 3 x 60’), etc.


I am honored to be a part of the OFAF team. I want to Repair History and preserve art, these found master- pieces for future generations.