Portrait Jessica Krueger

“I want to share these stories and these journeys… telling these stories is an opportunity to attain justice for the rightful owners of the paintings…”
The artworks all have a story to share, but so do the people involved…

Intelligence. Courage. “The hope for justice”

Jessica Krueger, the reporter on the OFAF Hunt, possesses all three in droves.  Jessica, a Michigan native, graduated Summa Cum Laude at Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in Anthropology and attending field schools in Belize and Colorado.


Jessica has also studied theatre, a graduate of Circle in the Square Theatre School. She is a dynamic woman with a wide assortment of talents: acting, dancing, acrobatics, and puppetry. 


Above all, Jessica is passionate about Journalism displaying an ability to write balanced, informative stories. She is a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and a master communicator. She has demonstrated a unique ability to build strong working relationships with fellow investigators, photographers, columnists, and news editors.


In her own words, Jessica believes that “stories inspire us to re-examine the world and our place in it.“


Jessica has travelled across North America with the first Broadway National Tour of “War Horse”, worked as an acrobat for the Metropolitan Opera's “Ring Cycle”, and danced with the STREB Extreme Action in their piece “Human Fountain”.


When asked why she joined OFAF, she replied, “I have great respect for art and artifact and their value to us as people. Given my background in archaeology, I am saddened that the gross injustice of stolen cultural material is swept aside into the dusty pile of ‘History’”.


We're honored that Jessica has chosen to join the OFAF team as we perform our mission to repair history.