How does one exactly get to be Director of Photography for a project as impressive as OFAF?

You literally have to do it ALL - and JR has done just that. With a background that ranges from professional skateboarder to professor, one may wonder how JR has accomplished all that he's done in his life. The answer?



Five Stars

He has never shied away from adventure, and as one of OFAF's cameramen, he'll certainly have plenty to bask in as he travels across the globe documenting OFAF's hunt for lost art. You have to be bold for an adventure of this sort, and you had better believe that JR is audacious enough to handle it!


But it's not all about adventure and fun for JR. He is a serious talent in the world of documentary filmmaking. His work as director of photography has netted awards for “Best Short Documentary” at Dreamland International Film Festival and the “Award for Artistic and Technical Excellence” from the best Docs Festival, not forgetting Field Production Workshops at New York Film Academy. Other films he has worked on have been screened in theaters internationally, at Sundance Film Festival, and featured in The Huffington Post. Speaking of which, JR worked as a Director of Photography over at Huffington Post shooting the likes of Jack Dorsey Twitter founder, New York’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, billionaire Warren Buffet, and Ariana Huffington herself. He has also personally shot with Bernie Sanders during his Democratic Primary run, New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Fashion Icon Norma Kamali, and shot a music video for The Wu-Tang Clan.


Before his life behind the camera shooting everything from action sports to NY Fashion Week, , JR frequently appeared ON camera for MTV, Fuel TV, Pro-Keds, and other television and web outlets. His inclination to perform led him into a music career as a signed artist, where he later performed on stage as a DJ with world renown artists Felix the Housecat and Tommie Sunshine among many others.


JR Cronheim has led a singular life, and now he's proud to bring his talents to OFAF. With such a wealth of skills to draw upon, when asked why he chose to work with OFAF, JR put it simply: “This is a phenomenal project with a global reach. It's historically important and bigger than all of us... and I've never led a mediocre life!”