Marc Rosenkilde has been through it all in his career in the field of security and executive protection. Marc's formative years were spent in Ruppertsheim, Germany. Marc’s physical presence commands respect and makes others cow before him. “HE IS OFFICIALLY THE EPITOME OF PUISSANCE”.

Though the OFAF team refers to Marc as the "rock we lean on", the team has likewise been pressed to change the old expression to "smart as a rock" because of him. He is the son of a research scientist and an artist, and descended from a long line of classical musicians, sculptors, artists, and architects, no wonder he loves art. To crown it off he studied marketing and advertising at Farleigh Dickenson University.  

Two other questions were posed to Marc.

1. What is your greatest passion? “Avoiding the mundane”. “I am not an "adrenaline junky", I have no interest in jumping out of an airplane, but I do like the adrenal dump”, that is why I feel the security field suits me well, its exciting, dynamic, and always "keeps you on your toes".


2. What draws you to OFAF? With a strong and positive facial expression he then said “The Thrill of the Hunt, the passion of the team and the potential to do the right thing”.

Always honing his skills to make sure the subjects are in the best possible hands. Marc also spends much of his off-duty time pumping iron in the gym, or working on his martial skills in the dojo. He also is an avid outdoorsman, and spends much of his free time hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing.


Also a handy man, he has restored the hundred year old house he lives in using his bare hands.


Marc also has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.  He has saved multiple people using CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and has even jumped in water to rescue potential drowning victims.


With Marc, we know we are in safe hands.