Tatiana Alekseeva

“I never get rattled. It’s just not in my blood. Some have said I’m cool as ice.” No matter how hot things may get on the hunt, I know that I will stay cool as second operator camera for Old Forgotten Art Found."


Tatiana was born in Narva, Iceland in 1979. She moved to Germany in her youth, where she studied foreign languages throughout her school years. Aside from her mother language of Russian, Tatiana speaks German, English, and Spanish fluently, and can more than hold her own in Icelandic.

Tatiana attended Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, where she majored in theatrical science. During her collegiate years, she had her first taste of a career in media, volunteering to work in a journalistic capacity at radio station LORA 92.4 in Munich.

While in college, she smoothly transitioned into a career in film, getting her feet wet by being responsible for lighting in the 2004 film “Die Wilde Kerle Part 2” and finishing her practical study at Germany’s ARRI Film Studios. After college, she then worked as a camera assistant in Russia and Belarus on many film projects. She then went on to a position that focused on digital editing and camera settings at Krings Mediatec GmbH in Munich, adding to that, Tatiana also worked as a media designer for HD Production of Germany and as a lead and assistant camera and editor at AVE Film and TV Productions, Uptown Media GmbH.

Since 2013, Tatiana has specialized as a media designer for picture and tone, editing and also managing media operations for a variety of projects, including: Kochstudio in Vienna for ORF; Formel 1 in Barcelona and Monaco for ORF; soccer in the first and second league of the Bundesliga for Sky; the Soccer Champions League Litauen in France for F1; the concert of German rock band Sportfreunde Stiller at the Sommer Festival Concerts in Vienna; the Sommer Festival in Salzburg, Austria; the concert in Berlin of German R&B megastar Xavier Naidoo; and Wilde Kerle, Das Verrückte Labyrinth a TV ad for YAR, Tiski in Russia.

With her extensive list of accomplishments as a film professional, Tatiana still makes time to chill out. A camerawoman at heart, she has a passion of capturing the perfect shot as a photographer. She loves the combination of athleticism and balance of yoga, the deep sense of getting drawn into another’s vision in film and literature, and the adventure of travel. When it comes to that last hobby, we know Tatiana will have plenty of it as she works with the team of OFAF: The Hunt, to track down priceless masterpieces all over the globe.


“Whether it takes us to the Arctic or the equator, I’ll make sure our team gets the art…and the shot,” Tatiana states.