“Without a doubt, rescuing looted art is a risky business. Not everyone will appreciate a knock on the door from the OFAF team,”

says Wil.


Wilson Calderon Jr. - an accomplished professional in his field. He has done just what needs to be done, and at the right time. For several years, Wil served as a special branch police officer and law executive of the North Castle Police Department (New York). He was the private bodyguard of the internationally acclaimed R&B singer Toni Braxton, and for some time bail and security enforcement, consulting agent, where he led highly sensitive, independent and governmental investigations.


Now, to define Brawn and Brains! Wil has a degree in criminal justice and has earned multiple certifications in firearms and global law enforcement executive police training. When things get tough, Wil knows how to protect his team, of course with his skill in taekwondo. He knows how neutralize brawls.


When Wil learned about Old Forgotten Art Found, he jumped at the chance to join the team.


A gentle giant, Wil is seldomly seen without a smile on his face – except when on mission. When asked why does he sometimes crack jokes? 


Wil replied, “I love cracking jokes. My job is serious and requires force with some amount of toughness, I don’t ever drop the ball. That kind of focus is necessary to keep my subject safe, so I breathe out, by cracking a joke or two when necessary. It really does kinda relax the atmosphere, you know what I mean? And when the day’s done I have accomplished my goal, which is priority.” Wil couldn’t have said it better! 


The OFAF team is in safe hands, Wil’s hands.